Is Leaving Canada a Requirement for Installing IE7?

This weekend I finally got around to installing Internet Explorer 7.

Actually strike that – I finally relented to Windows Update’s constant badgering and figured “Ah, What the heck”.

Once the installation is complete it automatically guides you through some configuration including specifying things like your preferred search home page etc. – each conveniently checked to my previous options (i.e. Google).

And then I got to this option:


This one just puzzles me – Sure I can understand defaulting the drop-down menu for the alternate options to US English, makes some sense. But why have it automatically selected? Especially when all of the previous options have defaulted to my previous settings? Is there something I should know about Canada? Is it some subversive tourism campaign?

Maybe Bill & Ozzie just told their guys “Do whatever Apple is doing – that seems to work”. (Some of you may remember the experiences some users had after upgrading their iTunes player to a new version and suddenly found themselves ‘somewhere’ else.) Still I guess not quite as strange as their “Ignore Languages” option in Outlook.

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