Boxing Day Shopping Heads Up… (Early deals)

I mentioned to a few folks ove the past couple of weeks about how Futureshop & Best Buy both put all their boxing day sales online as of midnight (ie. between christmas day & boxing day).

Well this year they’ve changed that tradition so here’s a quick heads up – the deals start TONIGHT (Dec. 24) at 8:00pm.

Happy shopping! – although a couple recommendations:

1. Don’t bother with “In Store Pickup” – I tried ordering something last weekend and even though the site said it was in stock it it was noted that I would get an email from the store confirming that I could pick up the product. Five minutes before the store was set to open I got a “Order could not be completed”… It seemed an awful lot like someone just went through the queue of stuff in the “To pickup” line and said “Not gonna bother” (semi-understandable in the Xmas chaos) and said no to everything. Problem being? Instead of letting you pick a new store or switch to delivery the site automatically CANCELS YOUR ORDER. How stupid is that. They lost my business.

2. Expect a call – With either company they have this ridiculous process where they won’t ship anything to you until you call them back, from the phone number on your credit card company’s records. Best Buy did that to me last year and thankfully they called right before I was walking out the door for a 10 day vacation. I figured I’d be okay this year because they verified me last year. Nope. Had to do it again. Canceled the order and got something else from a different store.

I did 90% of my Christmas shopping online. The Best Buy/Future Shop (same ownership) were 2 of the 3 misses in my experience (The third was Apple) — I’ll summarize the online shopping experience along with hits and misses next week (when it won’t spoil any surprises).