At one point does it stop being "Someone else’s fault?"

Another fun few days in the world of customer service hell. In the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed my Internet connection has been slow more often than not and then it started resetting itself every few minutes.

Finally fed up and with some free time I call Look, my service provider. I then spend 90 Minutes on the phone with the tech going through every possible configuration to prove that:

  • a) the issue wasn’t my laptop (no moron, Google Talk isn’t sucking up 3MB of my 4MB line, try again)
  • b)the issue isn’t the connection from the wall to the modem (switched cable, very minor increase but it didn’t last)
  • c) the proximity of electronic devices (no, the modem is now in the middle of my family room floor aside form putting it out on the street I can’t get it further away from something electrical)
  • d) the other phones in my house (I unplugged everything but the one I was on to talk to him).
  • e) the router(s) (I hooked up two different machines to the modem directly with the same results)
  • the phone line (“Everything looks fine on our end sir”)

So to my deductive reasoning skilled friends, if it isn’t the phones, phone line, cables router or computers what one piece seems to be the issue???? Extra hint: one of the first things he tells me when I called is “We’ve been having problems with some modems since the upgrade a FEW WEEKS AGO.”

He’s stumped – so he has to escalate my issue to the real tech support guys (& Bell) and he tells me they’ll get back to me within a few days.

So I just got off the phone with the new improved and supposedly more senior tech guy. His first comment is “Bell checked your line and they say it’s likely a modem problem” – so we need to make sure it’s not your house wiring – which apparently involves trying to plug the modem into the demarcation point in the electrical box in my basement. He also suggested I “try another modem” because you know I just keep a few extra DSL modems kicking around the house, just in case. His helpful suggestion was “Maybe a friend has one you can borrow”.


What part of “I have changed nothing in the configuration of the phone or network inside my house in over two years” are they missing?

I give them 15 minutes when I call them back from home tonight to offer me a new modem and after that I’m calling Cogeco and going cable.

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