iTunes adding a little bit of the world to everyone’s day…

…whether they want it or not.

Came across this amusing post this morning.

Apparently Apple’s been having some issues with their iTunes software which has required a lot of patching over the past little while. Seems in one of these recent updates the software “forgot” where the user was and too some liberties on deciding which iTunes store to send them to.

What’s to be made of the sudden iTunes forgot what country I’m in phenomenon?

OneDigitalLife woke up in a Swiss iTunes store.

Laurie at the Unofficial Apple Weblog made it to iTunes France where she couldn’t get any TV. Commenters to that post wound up in Sweden, China and elsewhere. (I can almost hear a new Apple jingle in the making).

Brian also got displaced to Switzerland where he couldn’t download The Office.

Here’s a blogger apparently from Spain who accesses the Internet via a server in the UK. Apparently, after downloading 7.0.2 — whether by some “twisted plot from beyond the Pyrenees” or otherwise, this blogger’s computer suddenly suspects a French-speaking user!

Amusing stuff for a spectator (I don’t use the software)… but I can imagine there are a lot of people banging their heads against their desks right now.

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