Come on guys… You’re just down the hall from each other…

Similar to elements of the “Peanut Butter” memo punched out by one of the VPs at Yahoo last week, I think Google needs to sit down and figure out how to get all their groups working together ASAP.

I’m sitting here catching up on some Newsfeeds on my PDA (see previous post to see why I don’t have a PC today) I’ve been endlessly frustrated when I click through to a site from a partial feed only to get stuck downloading a full-blown web page instead of the nicely re-rendered, mobile friendly pages that something like Google’s mobile search kicks out automatically.

I just don’t understand why the mobile-oriented Reader wouldn’t use Google’s own proxy that they developed just for this purpose. It literally involves a little code to parse out links in a feed and insert the URL to the proxy before the link. Hardly rocket science.

The other challenge is having all their various apps in one easily accessible spot through one login. At last count I use, Blogger, GMail, Groups, Analytics, Adsense, Reader, Blogsearch, Sitemaps, Docs and of course their standard Search. Yes there’s the customizable home page at Google but I shouldn’t have to dig through all kinds of widgets to try and piece this page together myself.

While I’m in a bad mood and complaining – some other stuff I’d love to see fixed:

1. Docs & Spreadsheet invites — Please give us a way to Redirect ourinvites. We use docs occassinally around the office here and invariably the guys invite me via my CTT account. Problem is all my Other Google stuff is tied to my Gmail account. There needs to be an easy way for me to associate that invite with my “standard” Gmail account.

2. RSS feeds and subscriptions — Everytime I go to add a feed subscription via my browser (Firefox) I get the sae Google page asking me whether I want to add it to my Home page or my Reader. Please, please, please give us a “Remember my selection” button of some kind. I always want it in my reader.