A most "Intriguing Post"…

Peter Dawson (a.k.a. “/pd”) surprised me, and just about everyone else I think, with what is easily the first “Best of 2006” post of the year.

Needless to say I was even more surprised when I came across his pick for “Best Intriguing Post”:

Best intriguing Post : was by Ryan !! I was stumped for an answer on “Your culture vs. “Our Culture” – where to draw the line… ” memo. He has raises a very serious point, which transcends not just Canada, but any culture within the ethos of humanity !!

Thanks for the nod Peter! I take it as quite an honor knowing there’s actually very few blogs online that he doesn’t subscribe to (in all seriousness I remember the number 500 being floated with respect to his sub list).

While I’m at it – Thanks also to Matthew Ingram from the Globe and Mail for his links (Globe & Mail post / Personal Blog post) earlier this week on my post regarding Jobloft’s second appearance on Dragon’s Den (where their deal fell apart).

A little link love is always good and I’m glad to know that people I enjoy reading are also keeping an eye on my stuff. If you aren’t already subscribed I highly recommend you check out both Peter’s and Matt’s blogs.

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