One Year Later

I realized late yesterday that it was the one year anniversary for “Found in Translation”.

It’s certainly been an interesting year. I know I’ve personally learned a lot both on and offline and I hope in my periodic ramblings here I’ve been able to share some of that with you.

As of late you may have noticed I’ve startd to stray away from purely language or translation related posts (not that I was ever entirely focused there). I’ll likely continue to meander in and out of various topics as this blog progresses.

One thing I’ve become more aware of is the interesting position I’m in between two industries/groups of people (web/web 2.0 & translation/localization) that are really still in the early stages of experimenting with each other. Wherever possible I’ll try to find topics that bridge these two spaces and share them.

Anyways – in short, thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) this blog.

– Ryan