Off to Localization World Montreal…

Following a quick Monday trip to NYC I’ll be at Localization World in Montreal put on by The Localization Institute. Clay Tablet will have a booth there this time around which we’re all excited about (and frantically trying to put the finishing details on). I’m especially looking forward to meeting many of the people I’ve been talking & working with over the past year face to face.

I’ll be floating between sessions, some booth duty and meetings but if you see me there please come up and say “hi” and be sure to ask how you can “Get Connected”. If I seem a bit dazed on Tuesday I apologize in advance as by luck of timing I’ll be flying from New York on the 6:30am plane :-/

On the CTT front – I’d be really interested to sit down and talk with some of the other technology vendors at the show (especially anyone involved the Translation Memory space) – you can drop me an email ahead of time if you want at rcoleman (at)

I’m going to try and update the blog while I’m there – initially the posts may be off my phone during/following sessions so they may be link/image free but I’ll come back and backfill as I can.

– Ryan

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