Localization World 2006 – Day 1 Update & Flickr Photo Pool

Overall I think Day 1 was a big success. Unfortunately our booth was pretty busy and I couldn’t manage to break away to any sessions – regardless, lots of great conversations were had and the general reaction from everyone I was talking to seemed to be really impressed with the conference and the common themes that seemed to be emerging as the show progresed.

One message that was coming through loud and clear was that it’s time for everyone to not just start to play nice in the sandbox but to start to share our toys with each other. “Open”, “Connected” were both terms that came up over and over – I know we had conversations with some other vendors that we honestly didn’t think would ever happen, for the most part I think just about everyone is starting to realize that there isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a one size fits all application that can cover the entire content lifecycle, and perhaps even the translation/localization cycle on it’s own. If even half the conversations we’ve had last beyond this show and turn into something I think we’re in for an exciting few months, not just at Clay Tablet but also industry wide.

The day wrapped up with most of the attendees boarding a fleet of buses and driving about an hour outside of Montreal to a “Caban à Sucre”, a traditional Maple Syrup “Sugar Shack”. Lots of food, drink, fun & music ensued making for a great night. Although by a fluke of timing it appears the busload of folks who tried to cutout early ended up trapped in a big traffic jam behind a huge accident on the highway (the one that those of us who left half an hour later said “We’re glad we’re not in that” as we passed.) – I got a text message from Robinson about an hour after we were back at the hotel that said they were still on the bus & not moving.

I grabbed a few photos at last night’s event and judging from the flashes going off it seems so did a lot of other folks. I created a Flickr photo pool that anyone can add photos to and share them. Just upload your photos, tag them with “LWM2006” and add them to the pool – drop me an email if you need help.

The direct link to the pool is: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lwm2006/

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