Happy Accident: World Press Photo 06

World Press Photo 06

I try to walk through BCE place at least a couple of times a month on my way to work. It’s a little bit out of the way but I occasionally come across an interesting exhibition happening in it’s well-photographed atrium.

This morning was a happy surprise as I came up the stairs from the underground and discovered “World Press Photo 06” was in town. I caught “World Press Photo 05” under much the same circumstances. The exhibition is an international collection of photos from photojournalists.

It’s an amazing collection of stirring images that range from depictions of pure joy to absolute misery and here in Canada I don’t think one can walk away from this collection and not acknowledge just how good we have it here.

If you’re in Toronto and get a chance it’s worth stopping in to check it out. Unfortunately we’re pretty late in the tour but there’s still about a dozen more stops around the world in the next couple of months.

World Press Photo 06

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