Google Reader – Almost too efficient…

For a few months now I’ve been using Google Reader as my primary RSS newsreader “application”. When I first tried Google Reader, right after it launched I wasn’t a fan at all – I went off and tried the Omea Reader but found that I didn’t want to have it running all the time, and when it wasn’t running I forgot about it. Another issue was I split my use across the work laptop and a desktop at home. If I read stuff on my laptop the desktop client wouldn’t be updated, and vice-versa – with a web based app it was always in sync.

Eventually I decided to give Google Reader another go and found that they had made some tweaks to the design that made it just that much more user-friendly that I stuck with it – Now with the latest revision as of a few weeks ago (along with the bug-fix last week) I’m actually amazed at how much I enjoy using the product.

The new “Share” feature is a great idea that I use all the time. I hit a point where I started to become a bit of a “human aggregator” for some friends & colleagues so to now be able to point them to my shared items (RSS Feed here) page is great. It’s much easier then firing off emails every which way.

An added bonus several months ago was the introduction of the mobile version of the reader. As far as I’m concerned they’ve basically got the mobile reader stripped down to exactly what it needs to be. Reading stories on the phone is quick, low bandwidth and efficient and because it’s all one application (as I mentioned above) I can read posts at work, some on the train home via mobile phone and finally others on my desktop at home and Google reader just allows me to pick up where I left off.

The only thing I wish they would add is a “Share” link like the web-based reader has now.

That said though – just one “complaint”. It is actually now so easy to scroll through all of the posts from your feeds (they use AJAX to basically create an infinite scroll of all your stories) that I frequently find there’s nothing in my queue (Blog faster people!) whereas before it seemed like I could never keep up.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you need an RSS Reader.

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  • /pd

    “I frequently find there’s nothing in my queue (Blog faster people!)”

    your Lucky, you keep up with the feeds. I am always behind :(- my last flush is here;

    maybe you need to sub more ??

  • Ryan

    “maybe you need to sub more ??”

    I’m actually adding subs all the time – although I have actually been unsubscribing from a lot of stuff recently as I try to clear some of the echoes out of the “chamber”. I think the big change with the “river” method of scrolling is that it is much easier to skim the feeds now.

    I find I often “triage” the queue of new posts now. As I skim I read the short or most interesting stuff right then, and star anything that looks interesting or that I want to be able to find again. Everything else gets marked as read and flushed automtically. Very streamlined and lets me plow through a lot of content really quickly.

  • /pd

    As such with such heavy infoloads , we are changing our reading styles and craving for more quality info !!

    heres a good post logn time ago