Firefox 2 out! (w/influence from a local Toronto shop)

For those who haven’t heard yet – Firefox 2 is out.

I downloaded it yesterday morning and so far am pretty happy with it. It’s largely the same at first glance but there’s signs of some cool stuff going on under the hood – spell check for example.

It took me a minute yesterday as I was typing a blog post and little red lines started showing up under the text but once I clued in I was quite impressed – anyone who posts using Blogger is probably painfully aware of just how horribly bad their spell check is. a) it doesn’t recognize the word Blog and b) it can wreak havoc on your post – especially if there’s anything non-English in the post. So far the Firefox spell check is completely transparent and painless to use (and makes posting a heck of a lot easier).

The most obvious change however is the look and kudos for that largely goes to the guys at Radiant Core (Their post here). I’ve gotten to know one of the founders, Jay Goldman, over the past few months through the BarCamp/DemoCamp scene and I’m really happy not just that they got this opportunity but now they get to share their work on a massive scale.

A lot of the tweaks that have been made are very subtle but very effective. All in all a great job – congrats guys! Way to represent the Toronto tech community.

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  • Jay Goldman

    Thanks Ryan! Way to spread the influence!

  • Anonymous

    For some people..unless they do manual install, firefox 2 might be just a tad bit away, cause firefox auto-update is little behind…

    Shamelessly copied for somewhere
    “For those who want to wait until Mozilla offers you an auto-upgrade to Firefox 2, you will need to wait until you upgrade to Firefox (due out sometime in November) first. You can not go directly from Firefox to Firefox 2 via auto-update. The details as to how this will happen are still a little fuzzy, but my understanding is Firefox will offer an upgrade to Firefox 2 when the build is released (November or December).”

    For lazy people like me, that means unless I push firefox *.0 using GPOs(extra work/effort), to all the networked computers versus a *.1 version with auto-update..its just easier to just wait for autoupdate

    Its a different story on my computer though, its bleeding Firefox 3

    Try it out

    P.S. Don’t rely on my words..I am wrong. Am I?

    RP Graphics Group