(Belated) Localization World Day Two Update

Sorry for the late Day Two Update – our second day at the show initially looked like it was going to be much slower and actually turned out to be exactly the opposite. Then travel & life took over the balance of the week/weekend.


Compared to day one the second day just shot right by (a good nights sleep may have helped) – while the morning started off a little slow, no doubt thanks to our evening at the Caban à Sucre the night before, it quickly started to pick up and before I knew it was involved in conversation after conversation for the whole day.

Again, it was great to talk to so many people who bought into, and supported, the notion of getting connected. We talked with several vendors during the show who I honestly expected to be a little stand off-ish or reluctant actually embraced the idea and we’re looking forward to talking to them further in the weeks to come.

All in all we think the show was a great success, it was well run & organized and the attendees were largely exactly who we wanted to talk to.

On the negative side though I’d love to ask the guy who designed that conference centre just what the heck he was thinking. Easily one of the worst designed centres I’ve ever been to – With small floors the show had to take place across 4 floors of the hall. Which wouldn’t have been too bad if it wasn’t a painful process to move between each level. The unfortunate side effect I think is that there were many who didn’t make it to the exhibnit hall because they were so far removed from the session rooms. I don’t fault the organizers though – I don’t think anyone could have known the impact until they actually spent a couple of days trying to go up & down.

The one regret we all had once it was over was that we never made it to any of the sessions – we just found we didn’t really get the opportunity to get away from the booth. We’ll defenitely have to be a bit more disciplined about getting out next time.

Just a reminder too that if you have any photos from the show please add them to the Localization World Montreal pool on Flickr: http://flickr.com/groups/lwm2006/

Looking forward to the next “Localization World”…

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