BarCamp Earth: Sunday BBQ – everyone welcome

Just a quick further update to my previous post about BarCamp.

We’ve confirmed Dufferin Grove Park as a location for the Sunday afternoon event. Since it’s a) outdoors and b) a big space there’s no cap for this event. Anyhone interested in meeting more people in the Toronto tech/techie business community is more than welcome to attend (Families too!!!). It’s really just a fun, get to know each other afternoon in the park.

We’ve got a few sponsors and will be trying to feed and hydrate as many folks as possible and contributions (food or drink) are more than welcome.

If you’re interested please stop by and scroll down to the Sunday event information – there’s a “Sunday Only” signup form there. Drop me an email if you need some help with the Wiki.

There’s also some room left in the BarCamp Earth Saturday – so if you’re interested please sign up for that too!

– Ryan

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