Time flies when you’re….

…rebuilding your system
I came into work a few weeks ago to find that my Hard Drive, which admittedly had been making all kinds of horrible sounds for a couple of weeks, had decided to pack it in over night. From my searches it appears that it died in the worst possible way. It now sits on my desk as a reminder to improve my backup process (mostly done, and still doing). Thankfully at the first sign of trouble with my HD I had backed up all the important stuff so it was really only a matter of a few days of work that went up in virtual smoke.

…on a never ending stream of conference calls
Momentum is a great thing but one of the challenges of taking a global solution to market is in most cases all your communication is done in emails & conference calls. There was a day a few weeks ago that was truly an experience as we were basically in calls all day following the time zones around the world as we talked with prospects & partners. By the end of the day we’d done calls in Qatar, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, Toronto, St. Louis & Los Angeles.

The Qatar call was interesting as our contact was actually walking through the streets on her cell phone and in the background we could clearly hear the call to prayer sounding out in the background – some very interesting background noise to the conversation and something that was neat to hear in “real-time”.

…featured in Backbone Magazine
Last week the latest issue of Backbone magazine came out with a one-page profile of Clay Tablet and the CEO of The Branham Group’s thoughts on what we’re doing. This interview was done as a follow up to our being named to the Branham Up & Comers list this year.

…attending the first “Mesh 2.0” Conference
I had the opportunity to attend the second day of Mesh 2.0 yesterday. Mesh is a new Conference centered on “Web 2.0” technologies and encouraging discussion and co-operation in pushing the concept and technologies forward. Overall I really enjoyed the show, the panels were great and had some really good moderators & speakers including Jason Fried of 37signals.com, among others. The concept of “Web 2.0” I still find an odd term since it seems everyone defines it a little differently.

In the end the only thing that struck me as odd was the obsession over having laptops on and in use throughout all of the sessions. For an event that was all about meeting with each other, to interact and discuss etc. it was strange to see half the crowd disengaged with their heads down and focused on their computer. A few people did seem to be live-blogging the event (a phenomenon I don’t really understand) but the vast majority were checking email & surfing the web. My only suggestion for next year? Ban the laptops from the session halls – people can update their blog & check email during the breaks.

…doing much much more
Overall there is just a tonne of stuff going on. I’ve got some good ideas for blog posts that I’m working on now – as I can share them I’ll post ’em. As you can probably tell the blog slid by the wayside during all of this. I’m trying hard to get back to the routine of at least one post a week.

– Ryan

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