Unobvious Indicators

It’s interesting how a simple meander through a completely unrealted topic can sometimes provide you with a useful nugget of information.

I was reading an article on CNN about ABC’s recent announcement that they are going to run a test program where they will offer streaming feeds of their prime-time TV series over the web the day following their original air date, for free. Very cool news unto itself as at least one network starts to show some willingness to muck with the format a bit.

But partway down the screen was an interesting statistic. The article mostly focuses on the declining usefullness of 30-second spots on TV. To illustrate the point they showed a graphic that laid out the growth (or decline) or advertising dollars across a variety of mediums.

SOURCE: CNN.COMAfter Internet, the second largest growth area for advertising dollars?

Spanish-language TV

It’s an interesting up-stream indicator as the TV ad is really one of the broadest nets you can cast – and if a marketing group is spending their dollars wisely it also means a serious amount of follow-on translation work for websites, brochures and packaging materials.

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