Surely there’s a TLA out there for this…

Got this email from one of our clients the other day:

What do you call the feature that allows your software to switch between French and English without losing the page you are on? Being able to do this without re-navigating the whole Website.

Do you use a term for this?

Now I can throw around techno-babble with the best of them but this admittedly stumped me as to how to describe this in a short concise way other then “you switch languages and it keeps you on the same page”.

As he’s an IT guy himself, and probably has an affinity for the art of techno-babble, I offered up “Context Sensitive Language Switching”.

Anyone know of a more common or simpler term? It’s a strange thing to have to describe as a “feature” (really it should be common sense).

As always comments welcome.

– Ryan

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