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Thank you to John Yunker for mentioning the blog over on his Byte Level Research site earlier this week. It certainly caused me to do a double-take when I logged into the blog stats that night and saw a healthy spike in the readership. Welcome to everyone who wandered over through the link.

As a web guy something I like to keep tabs on, whenever I can get my hands on the information, is the nuts and bolts stats of what users are using for a browser & OS, what resolution they’re running, and lately what their default language is. I’m going to try every month or so to put up a post on what the stats for this blog spit out.

So on with the stats…

Stats as of December 15, 2005



Firefox 1.x 46%
IE 6.x 39%
Mozilla 1.x 2%
Netscape 5.x 1%
Netscape 4.x 1%
Safari 1.x 11%
Total 100%


XP 70%
WinME 1%
2003 Server 1%
Win98 1%
Win2000 9%
Unknown 1%
Linux/Unix 3%
Mac OS X 14%
Total 100%


800×600 7%
1024×768 41%
1280x(n) 37%
1152x(n) 2%
1400×1050 4%
1600×1200 7%
Other 2%*
Total 100%

* There were no hits for 640×480

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