Clay Tablet on "Common Sense Advisory"

Don DePalma, President & Chief Research Officer of Common Sense Advisory posted his take on a conversation he had with Robinson Kelly, the other CTT founder, shortly after our press release back in late November.

With just a few deployments and a small team of 10, Clay Tablet finds itself competing with mainstream CMS providers, system integrators, LSPs with their own translation workflow, Idiom, and SDL. However, customer success stories, the right price points, more technology in the pipeline, and demonstrably fast implementations should get Clay Tablet a hearing as medium-sized businesses begin to think about multilingual websites. More importantly, its appearance on the scene is an encouraging sign of growing innovation and competition in the formerly placid world of globalization-enabling software.

Overall I think his article summarizes our position quite nicely. As he indicates, we’re certainly a small, new fish playing in some big waters but I think we’ve got some ideas and solutions that bring a new approach to the table. I’m certanily looking forward to 2006 to see how this all plays out.

Either way it’s always great to hear someone’s take from outside the organization (but with a great view from inside the industry).

Read the full article here.

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