A quick time out to recognize some good service

This is a little off topic – but I had a customer service experience the other day that actually caught me off guard and wanted to share, and pass on some kudos.

A few years ago I setup a domain for my family (immediate & extended) so we could all have consistent e-mail addresses (for a bit there my family seemed to have some nomadic tendencies). Well the other day some of the e-mail starts getting bounced by a server because it’s Spambot software had latched onto this company’s mail server and blocked it as a Spammer.

This stuff happens to ISPs all the time (we’ve had clients get our servers blacklisted by mistake in the past too) so I just fired a friendly “Hey this is working, it’s a pain in the butt, could you fix it?” type e-mail.

Not 15 minutes later my phone rings. It’s a tech from the company just wanting to touch base, let me know they were aware of the issue and they were working on it. I just about fell off the couch.

Maybe I’ve just gotten too jaded but I’ve always assumed that with these types of companies it’s e-mail only and they’ll e-mail you back when they feel like it.

So, kudos to Misk.com (formerly Register Site) – I’d highly recommend them (and have) as a service. If you need to park a domain or get some POP/Alias accounts definitely give them some consideration. Thanks for taking the extra effort guys.

– Ryan

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