A quick time out to recognize some good service

This is a little off topic – but I had a customer service experience the other day that actually caught me off guard and wanted to share, and pass on some kudos.

A few years ago I setup a domain for my family (immediate & extended) so we could all have consistent e-mail addresses (for a bit there my family seemed to have some nomadic tendencies). Well the other day some of the e-mail starts getting bounced by a server because it’s Spambot software had latched onto this company’s mail server and blocked it as a Spammer.

This stuff happens to ISPs all the time (we’ve had clients get our servers blacklisted by mistake in the past too) so I just fired a friendly “Hey this is working, it’s a pain in the butt, could you fix it?” type e-mail.

Not 15 minutes later my phone rings. It’s a tech from the company just wanting to touch base, let me know they were aware of the issue and they were working on it. I just about fell off the couch.

Maybe I’ve just gotten too jaded but I’ve always assumed that with these types of companies it’s e-mail only and they’ll e-mail you back when they feel like it.

So, kudos to Misk.com (formerly Register Site) – I’d highly recommend them (and have) as a service. If you need to park a domain or get some POP/Alias accounts definitely give them some consideration. Thanks for taking the extra effort guys.

– Ryan

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  • Nitin Agarwal


    Thanks for your wonderful comments. We appreciate them and are glad to see that our customer service initiatives are working and making our customers even happier. Our company is customer driven and we are always open to feedback. Therefore, if there are any suggestions or complaints about our web site, ease of use, control panel, service issues, etc., please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at feedback@misk.com so that we may pass them on to the appropriate department for review and consideration.

    Nitin Agarwal
    President & Chief Developer

  • Ryan

    Thanks for stopping by Nitin – you’ve put togethre a good team over there. I look forward to future dealings with you guys.

    – Ryan