Swamped – talk amongst yourselves…

Yesterday and today are a little hectic around here, and needless to say at this stage the blog unfortunately gets bumped down a rung or two when push comes to shove. But it’s a good type of busy that should make for some good topics on the blog down the road – “deferred inspiration” you might say.

In the meantime, It’s Independance Day in Cambodia:

In 1863, the king of Cambodia placed the country under French protection; it became part of French Indochina in 1887. Following Japanese occupation in World War II, Cambodia became independent within the French Union in 1949 and fully independent in 1953.

Source: CIA World Factbook

Additionally, I’d be keen to hear thoughts from anyone on blogging for a multicultural audience. Solutions for translation/localization etc. There’s some comments in the “Don’t need to translate…” post a few days ago. I’d love to put together a series of posts on that topic – and would be keen on other blogger’s insights.

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