Some success and a little reflection…

We dropped a press release yesterday about a couple of our recent successes since launching eleven weeks ago. It’s great to finally be able to share a story with people outside the company that shows what we’re doing here is actually for real.

I was talking with some folks the other day and was remarking that of all the industries/spaces I thought I’d end up working (playing) in, the localization/translation space never would have come up, even 2 years ago. The post-bubble years certainly consisted of a lot of fumbling in the dark, trying to figure out where to go next – through some luck and a lot of serendipitous occurrences I ended up here.

As a technologist it’s a really interesting space to be in right now. It’s a neat mix of tools and technologies I hadn’t really ever imagined existing, combined with a bunch of processes I’m surprised there aren’t technical solutions for. It also very much feels like an industry on the verge of a total technical transformation (and all indicators are that the leading edge is already well on their way over that hump).

It’s certainly looking like we’re in for an interesting ride, both “we” in the Clay Tablet sense, and “We” in the industry sense. Thanks for reading – and I look forward to carrying on the conversation as we go forward.

– Ryan

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