"Readjustment Movement Day"

Today is “Readjustment Movement Day” in Guinea-Bissau – a place, and holiday I’d admittedly never heard of before today.

It also appears Google hasn’t heard much about this holiday either as all it will spit out for me is sites listing world holidays, but unfortunately no information. Based on the info in the CIA World Factbook it seems Guinea-Bissau is in a state of constant political “readjustment” – but it doesn’t strike me as the sort of thing you’d have a national holiday for.

The name is such an odd name (I’m guessing some of the meaning got lost in translation) that I’m dying to know what the holiday is all about – Anyone know more?

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  • janjy

    I’ve also found this holiday vexing, after finding a card for it on 1001cards.com. I even emailed the consulate office in Dakar, Senegal, which services Guinea-Bissau, but received the reply, “We have no idea.” I’m considering a trip to this country just to find out what it is. Have you heard anything from anyone else?

  • Ryan

    I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

    Surely someone must know – if they keep it this secret it must involve a good party.


  • janjy

    My county library research staff (Lancaster County, PA) found out the following useful information:

    “Readjustment Movement Day is on November 14, the Anniversary of the Movement of Readjustment in Guinea Bissau. On November 14, 2002, the President dismissed the Government of Prime Minister Alamara Nhasse, dissolved the National Assembly, and called for legislative elections. Two days later, the President appointed Prime Minister Mario Pires as leader of the government. Since the event occurred in recent Guinea Bissau’s history, we could not find any other information as to how the day is celebrated and observed in Guinea Bissau. This information was gathered from the U.S. Department of State and Encyclopedia of Days website.”

  • Ryan

    well, mystery solved then :)

    Somehow I’m guessing promoting a holiday about the dissolution of government isn’t big on the current government’s agenda.