Multilingual Blogging – what’s out there?

Well I figured I’d do some searching to see if anyone had “solved” this challenge, or at the very least come up with a good workaround.

Almost immediately (i.e. first hit on Google) I thought I’d stumbled on someone with the solution. Proclaimed as the “first multilingual blog” in a press release, I immediately thought “cool”. Unfortunately when you click through to what you encounter is a bunch of English posts with language options of…

Yeah, English. :(

Thinking I’d maybe just hit them in a bad streak of English only content I scrolled down a bit to see other posts. About halfway down I encountered a post that was tagged as being in both English and Bulgarian. The “holy grail” was right there! I clicked on the [Bul] and was promptly greeted with “Page not found”. I don’t speak any Bulgarian – but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the content I was looking for.

(Update: Andy from Multilingual Search let me know that the Bulgarian translation issue was a bug and it’s fixed now – which I’ve confirmed.)

I came across many other sites that were about globalization translation and multilingual blogging, but, like my site, they were all in English.

A glimmer of hope this morning – I just came across a plug-in called “Polyglot” for WordPress. It talks mostly about “localizing” your blog and seems to be quite focused on the wrapper (i.e. non-content text) of the blog. After navigating through a few more layers of blogs & other sites I encountered “Multilingual“, a plug-in for WordPress that allows you to post in multiple languages. The only limitation that I can gleam from the website is that it’s geared more for those who know two languages and want to blog in both – i.e.. do their own translation. (I’m going to drop these guys an e-mail and see if that is the case.)

I also encountered a few plug-ins for Machine Translation – but, yeah, not wanting to go there yet…

What I still haven’t found though is any sort of translation workflow solutions. Something that spits out your content to someone who’s willing to translate for you and then makes that translation available – I’ve got an idea on that, and depending on how the next 24 hours shape up I’ll try and get it on the blog tomorrow – otherwise I’ll crack it off this weekend and post Monday.

– Ryan

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