Blank Slate, Fresh Start

Well, this post finds me a little over a year after starting to put on the “Globalization” thinking cap and about 6 weeks past the official launch of a new venture called Clay Tablet Technologies.

I’ve learned a lot in this time, but most importantly I’ve learned that I’ve learned not nearly enough.

Turns out The Chevy “Nova” legend is just that (Snopes) and “Bite the wax tadpole” is only sort of true. (Snopes) but not to fear as companies are making even bigger mistakes everyday – just ask Buick about their recent blunder in Quebec with the “LaCrosse” (

Regardless of truth, these legends & stories, are great examples of just how treacherous the waters can be as you wade out of your native tongue. What I hope to do with this blog is help shed some light on what is often a challenging and confusing space for people who, unitl recently had lived very English-speaking, North American centric lives.

In addition to general tidbits of information, resources and links I encounter on a daily basis, I’ll also share my experiences as we take a company from concept to a multi-national organization dedicated to helping make it easier for companies to take their message to new markets, whether around the corner, or around the world.

I hope you enjoy – and please, feel free to comment.

Ryan Coleman